Kaulitz Porn: Fake Twin Photos

Oct 20

Let’s make love… not sex.


Tom: So I just came from the shower and I got just my towel on me and you’re on the bed and I come to you and lie on top of you.
Bill: I smile at you and start to caress your back.
Tom: I start to kiss you softly.
Bill: I kiss you back and sigh.
Tom: With one of my hands I caress your tummy and with the other one your sweet neck. Kissing your lips gently then lick them and bitting your lower lip asking for entrance.
Bill: I open my lips a bit, poke with my tongue your lip piercing let you feel my nails on your back but gently so that you start to shiver a bit.
Tom: I push my tongue in your mouth and explore every inch of it, pull your body more close to mine.
Bill: I push your tongue back in your mouth, taste your sweetness, push my hips against yours and one of my hands caress your neck.
Tom: I run my fingers through your hair and move my lips on your neck giving you wet kisses and drag my lips over your skin, sucking your skin leaving, red spots and let you feel my hot breath.
Bill: I shiver, caress your sides.. tickle you a bit and I can feel you smiling on my neck.
Tom: Talking with my lips on your skin sayin’ “I want you”, kissing again your skin “I need you”, kissing again “I wanna make love with you” and dragging my hands all over ur body and putting my hands under ur t-shirt, lifting my head and look at you asking “Do you want me to stop?”, smirking at you, licking my lips and bitting them.
Bill: “I’d be stupid if I’d want you to stop”.. I get rid of my shirt, caress your bottom lip with my thumb and lick my lips.. then I kiss you, want to make you understand how much I love you.. let my lips travel to your neck, bite you gently, lick your skin if I’ve bitten too hard, my hands are on your chest.. one above your heart and it makes me smile to notice how fast it beats.
Tom: I put my hand on yours and ask you “Do u feel it? It’s beating only for you” then I move my other hand to butt and squeeze it, move my lips on your chest and on your hard nipple drag my tongue all over it and taking it in my mouth, touching it with my tongue playfully then continue kissing down your body, slow with care, enjoying every part of your body.
Bill: I whisper “Of course I feel it..” I moan quietly move under your kisses .. reach for your hand and put it above my heart to show you that our hearts beat in the same rhythm.. I look at you while you kiss my body.. but in the next moment I have to close my eyes.. enjoy your breath on my skin, your lips, your tongue..
Tom: Kiss your belly, drag my lips down slow, gently, suck your skin with hunger, try to unbotton your pants, then look at you and smirk, put my hand on your crotch and make a gentle press on it, back in forth, like it to tease you.
Bill: I arch my back .. enjoy what you do but it’s not enough. I reach down to my pants, pull the zipper down and look at you.. try to make you understand to undress me.
Tom: I make my way down to your pants an get rid of them, throwing them away on the floor make a soft touch with my hand over your panties and with my teeth I get rid of your underwear then put both of my hands on your crotch and give a lick from the base to the tip, weting it.
Bill: I moan and reach one of my hands to your face.. caress your cheek softly, your breath down there makes me go crazy.. I say your name quietly.. look at you and see that you look back it makes my heart beat faster.
Tom: I crawl on top of you again and start to kiss your lips …I still wear my towel Billi.
Bill: Kiss you back.. let my hands travel again on your chest, down to your stomach. I push my hips against yours again and smile.. I know that it tease you when I do that, reach down to your towel and get rid of it, in the next second my hand is on your dick.. touch you gently, I bite in your bottom lip, play again with your piercing, push my hips again against yours.
Tom: I push my hips against yours too and kiss you back, push my tongue in your mouth with hunger and kiss you so hard, while I grind slowly down on your body.
Bill: I wrap my legs around your hips, my arms around your neck kiss you back but then I break the kiss.. and moan your name in your ear .. I kiss you again, push my tongue in your mouth, let you feel my piercing.
Tom: I stop the kiss and put two fingers in your mouth to make them wet…
Bill: I suck on your fingers while I look at you, love it to see the lust in your eyes..
Tom: You look so damn beautiful and that makes me to kiss you all over ur face with sweet kisses, let my fingers find your entrance and slowly try to push them in, kissing your neck and down to your chest and with the other hand jerk your dick.
Bill: It hurts a bit but that’s okay.. I take deep breaths and try to relax, whisper “Keep going” and feel that you push your fingers deeper in me.. it makes me moan.
Tom: I try to find your sweet spot …I know I’m hurting you, so I start to kiss you again, more roughly this time
Bill: I push down on your fingers, kiss you back and push you closer against me.. I tell you to go deeper.. you do it, I move a bit more and then I moan loud.. tell you to do that again..
Tom: I can’t wait anymore ….I get my fingers out and then I push my cock in you, start to move back and forth, kiss you softly. I move slowly, watch you how you moan under me and the way you move in the same rhythm with me …makes me go crazy. I get lost in you with every move ..and all I can do is to look in your eyes.
Bill: I put my hands on your face.. push your head down until our lips connect and I kiss you.. passionate, loving, tenderly.. I want that you feel how much I love you.. I wrap my arms again around your neck, my legs around your hips, push you a bit deeper in me.
Tom: With every thrust I go deeper and deeper and faster …I feel like I’m gonna explode because of all my feeling that I feel in my tummy, I cant kiss you anymore …all I can do is to move and look at you, moan in your mouth and jerk you.
Bill: I can feel that I’m close, moan over and over again tell you that I want it faster..
Tom: And I go faster.. as fast as I can, feel like I can’t keep it longer neither.
Bill: I push your hand away from my dick and jerk myself.. suck on your neck and tell you that I can’t hold it anymore..
Tom: I try to keep moving in you more than twice ..then I cum in you, kiss you and lick your lips.
Bill: I cum too, kiss you back and smile.
Tom: I smile back and I place myself next to you and take you in my arms and hold you tightly.
Bill: I place soft kisses on your neck and whisper “I love you”
Tom: I whisper in your ear “I love you too.”